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HTI Diagnostics at MEDLAB Asia Pacific

MEDLAB Asia Pacific took place at the Suntec Exhibition & Convention Centre in Singapore from April 3-5 of this year. Mr. Fernando Oliveira, Director of Business Development for HTI Diagnostics along with the HTI Asia Pacific team exhibited their innovative IVD instruments at the event. 

MEDLAB Asia Pacific is one of the largest IVD exhibitions in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which is one of the fastest growing regions for In Vitro Diagnostics. The ASEAN includes the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. It was formed so the countries would work together to further economic progress and cultural development. The country of Singapore has experienced the most significant economic growth and is predicted to become one of the largest markets in Asia. Their medical device market is worth more than an estimated $200 million US dollars. 

Singapore is within easy reach of most countries in the Asia Pacific Region which makes it a hub for both business and tourism. People travel to Singapore for the food, culture, and arts but it has also seen a substantial rise in the amount of patients traveling to the country for medical care. 

HTI Diagnostics opened their Asia Pacific office in Korea in 2015 and has expanded HTI’s presence in many different countries capitalizing on the market’s potential. The success of the HTI brand and the growth of the In Vitro Diagnostics market has created a great opportunity for distributors.