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CL-50, HTI


HTI CL‐50 is a portable urine analyzer. This device is a compact, cost effective system offering physician offices and smaller laboratories the reliability of instrument‐based testing capability. 

The unit tests levels of: pH, Nitrite, Specific Gravity, Blood, Glucose, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketone, Leucocytes, Protein, Calcium, Creatinine, Microalbumin. Using dual‐wavelength reflectance photometry, the unit has two test modes: Normal mode, 60 samples/hour.

The instrument uses cold light source facility with long life and high stability.

Technical Data
Parameters: pH, Nitrite, Protein, Special Gravity, Blood, Glucose, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketone, Leucocytes, Calcium, Creatinine, Microalbumin.
Principle: dual‐wavelength reflectance photometry
Throughput: Normal mode, 60 samples/hour; Continuous mode, 120 samples/hour
Memory Capacity: 1000 results
Reagent Strips: H10, H11, H13
Display: LCD screen, operation information and test results
Print Out: Internal thermal printer or you can hook up an optional external printer.
Control function: Self‐check, testing and malfunction‐verification
Serial Interface: RS232
Weight: 2.0 kg
Power: AC 110‐240 V, 60/50 Hz
Dimension: 290mm x 200mm x 100mm

Features & Functions
∙ Checking for ready‐to‐test strips automatically
∙ Internal calibration for sensitivity of strips
∙ External printer applicable & RS232 port to computer
∙ Barcode reader optional

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