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TS-4000, HTI


Product Brochure, HTI TS4000.pdf (447.0 Kb)

TS 4000 is an advanced one channel photoelectronic-double magnetic testing system. TS4000 is an open system for reagents, with sufficient incubation stations for reagents and sample.

  • Prothrombin time(PT) 
  • Activated partial thromboplastin time(APPT) 
  • Fibrinogen(FIB) 
  • Thrombin time(TT) 
  • Coagulation factors(FII;FV;FVII;FIX;FX;FXI;FXII) 
  • Protein S(PS) 
  • Protein C(PC) 
  • Heparin(HMW&LMW)

Operation Characters 

Specimen: Plasma; Serum 
Temperature: 37°C 
Testing time: 3-999 second 
CV%: <3% 

No interference from abnormal sample (optically dense samples such as lipemic or icteric); 
No interference from air bubbles produced during sample handing.Features: 

Big LCD screen, graph display, function keyboard 

Manual and automanual sample-adding function 
Unique printable random reports and "overall coagulation reporter" 
Inner printer; saving and printing reference data and curve automatically 

Dimensions: 13,7cm x 31,0cm x 33,0cm 



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