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BioChem FC-360, HTI



Product Brochure, BioChem FC-360.pdf (752.4 Kb)

The HTI BioChem FC360 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer is a high-performance system designed for busy labs that require high throughput and completely walk‐away functionality.

HTI’s FC‐360 is ideal for clinical chemistry, immunology, electrolytes, drug monitoring and drugs. The device uses a dual beam optical measurement and features an on‐board reagent cooling system, continuous sample entry and automatic re‐dilution of samples. The analyzer performs an average of 300 test per hour.

Preprogrammed assays offer unlimited open channels. The device’s scrubber is effective at washing and drying trays leaving them ready for new reactions.

ISE module is available as an optional feature.

Product Specifications
System Description Fully automated random-access
chemistry analyzer with STAT capability
with optional barcode reader (BCR)
Test Throughput Max: 360 tests per hour
Average: 300 tests per hour
With ISE (optional): 500 tests per hour
Time to First Test
Glucose: 5 min
BUN: 2 min
ISE: 60 seconds (optional)
Assays Onboard 60 + 4 ISE (optional)
Disease-State Anemia, Autoimmune/Rheumatoid
Assay Groups Bone Metabolism, Cardiovascular,
Diabetes, Drug Abuse/ Toxicology,
Hepatic Diseases, Immunosuppressive
Drugs, Inflammation, Nephropathies,
Nutritional Assessment, Pancreatic
Disease, Oncology (DOA, TDM)
Sample Handling
Sample Tubes Primary and secondary tubes; diameter
from 12 to 13mm; height from 56 to
100mm. Sample cups for pediatrics
Sample Wheel 60 sample positions, continuous loading;
Bar Code Reader (optional)
STAT Handling Not dedicated; STAT samples are
processed with priority
Sample Low Volume Flag
Integrity Control
Auto-Repeat Auto re-dilution and re-testing of samples
Sample Volume It depends on the reagent application:
Glucose: 3 μL
AST: 25 μL
ISE: 50 μL (optional)
Sample Carryover Internal and external washing of
Prevention probe between cycles
Reaction Area
Reaction Cuvettes 100 PMMA washable, reusable reaction cuvettes
Reaction Bath Air; incubation temperature 37°C
Optical Path 6mm
Photometer Uses 10 filters, an 11th can be added
(optional): 340, 380, 405, 450, 505, 546,
578, 600, 650, 700mm
Light Source 12v-20W Halogen Quartz lamp
Assay Technologies Colorimetry, turbidimetric, latex
agglutination, homogeneous EIA, indirect ISE (optional)
Reagent Handling
Reagent Tray 60 refrigerated positions, 4 ISE (optional)
Capacity Onboard
Dispensing System Probe with level and shock (x + y)
sensors, level detection and crash prevention systems
Average Reagent Volume: 200μL – 300μL per test
Reagent Integrity Onboard stability check, low volume flag
Test Capacity Onboard 100,000 database
IMT (Integrated Multi-Sensor Technology)
Measurement Type Monochromatic/ Biochromatic
Sample Volume 2 – 200 μL
View Calibration Graphical display of calibration curves
QC Data Graphics: QC Levey-Jennings plot,
RealTime QC
User Interface/Data Management
Monitor High-Res LED (1600 x 900 dpi)
Operating System Microsoft® Windows™
Processor Intel® Pentium™
Data Storage 500 GB (minimum 100,000 tests)
Network Ethernet, Wireless
Interface RS232C
Connectivity Remote Factory Support Capability
(internet connection required)
General Specifications
Power Requirements 100/240V, 50/60 VAC, 400VA
Water Specifications DI Water Conductivity < 3.0 μS/cm; Bacterial content: <10 colony forming
Water System No water feed needed
Maximum Water 1.2 L/h
Dimensions 79 x 60 x 50 cm
Weight Approximately 55 kg
Language English, Spanish, French, Portuguese,
Chinese, Russian and Hungarian

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