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BioChem FC-120, HTI



Product Brochure, BioChem FC-120.pdf (254.2 Kb)

The HTI BioChem FC-120 is a fully automatic, random access chemistry analyzer specifically designed for small and medium sized laboratories.

It’s easy to operate and compact, yet powerful and fast.

It has a built-in computer and large color touchscreen with intuitive software pre‐loaded with applications for all HTI reagents, making it a breeze for the lab user to run samples right out of the box.

The BioChem FC-120 is an open system, capable of performing up to 100 tests per hour, probe with liquid level detection and collision protection. The sample tray has up to 42 positions for samples and the reagent compartment has up to 26 positions for reagents.

The self‐diagnosis and alarm systems provide error‐free operation of the instrument and true walk‐away operation.

This modern desktop automatic biochemical is reliable, dependable, and easy to operate and maintain. With its multi‐language software, the BioChem FC-120 is the perfect combination of affordability and throughput for small labs all over the world.

Product Specifications
System Description: Fully automated, random access
chemistry analyzer
Test Throughput: Performs up to 100 photometric
chemistry tests per hour on serum, plasma and urine
Sample Throughput: Up to 100 tests per hour
Time to First Test: BUN: 3 minutes Glucose: 5 minutes
Disease-State Assay Groups: Anemia, Autoimmune/Rheumatoid Bone Metabolism, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Hepatic Diseases, Inflammation, Nephropathies, Nutritional Assessment, Pancreatic Disease, Oncology, Reproductive Endocrinology
Sample Handling
Sample Tubes: Standard test tubes, original blood
collection tubes, small sample cups
Sample Wheel: Up to 42 positions
STAT Handling: STAT samples are processed with priority
Sample Integrity Control: Short sample detection, flagging and management
Auto-Repeat: Auto-repeat testing from original sample
Reaction Volume: 183-600 μL
Auto-Correction: Sample blank, cell blank, reagent blank, pre-sample blank, auto-dilution
Sample Volume: 3-45 μL; 0.1 μL increments
Sample Probe: Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection, and depth adjustment to eliminate cross-contamination
Sample Carryover Prevention: Automatic washing of the probe
Reaction Area
Reaction Cuvettes: 90 disposable cuvettes
Reaction Bath: 37°C ±1%
Wavelengths: 340, 405, 450, 510, 546, 578, 630, 670
Light Source: 12v-20W Halogen Quartz lamp
Assay Technologies: Photometry, turbidimetric
Test Types End point, Fixed time, Kinetic
Reagent Handling
Reagent Tray Up to 26 positions
Dispensing System Shared by reagent and sample, with auto-wash between cycles, capacity of 200 μL with preheating function
Reagent Volume 30-450 μL, increasing by 1 μL
Average Reagent Volume: 200 μL – 450 μL per test
Reagent Integrity Optional barcode reader
Open System Capability
Channels Complete open system, capable of performing up to 100 tests per hour
View Calibration Factor method, single-point, multi-point straight-line, multi-point fold line, double logarithmic curve and parabola calibration
QC Data Graphics: QC plot (Levey-Jennings or histogram)
User Interface/Data Management
Monitor Color LCD Touchscreen, 10.5”
Operating System Microsoft® Windows™
Processor AMD® Geode™
Memory More than 100,000 test results, unlimited number of procedures and quality control charts
Software Construction of the reaction curve in real time, 3 levels of quality control, more than 10 calibration equations
Network: Ethernet (RJ-45)
Ports: RS232, 2x USB, 2x PS2, LAN, LPT1
Connectivity: LAN, RS232, optional barcode reader
General Specifications
Power Requirements: 100/240V, 50/60 VAC, 400VA
Water Specifications: Distilled water or deionized water  
Water System: No water feed needed
Maximum Water Consumption: < 2 L/h
Dimensions: 64 x 48 x 51 cm
Weight: Approximately 45 kg
Language: English, Spanish, French, Russian

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